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Programmatic solutions to ensure immigration compliance across your entire mobile workforce, powered by our industry-leading assessment tool.

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HR & Mobility Professionals

Our technology is constantly evolving to meet - and exceed - the needs of international travelers and global mobility and HR professionals.

The pre-trip compliance assessment determines whether the employee’s trip requires a business visa, work permit or EU posted worker notification. The assessment is a fundamental part of our compliance offering, taking an activities-based approach and looking at exactly what the traveler is doing in that country. 

Combined with other data sources, the complete pre-trip risk assessment:

  • Evaluates immigration requirements;
  • Integrates Fragomen knowledge and other external inputs such as consular processing times;
  • Pushes information to your tax provider for tax compliance; and
  • Incorporates client policies for internal policy compliance.

The assessment is unique for each traveler and only requests information not already known or held in their profile.  The results page links directly to Nomadic’s order form to initiate visa services. 

Our profile-based system is designed to store and re-use immigration related information on your travelers. This vastly improves the traveler experience: once information has been provided to Nomadic, we do not ask for it again. We can improve the experience even further by integrating with your HRIS system to pre-populate employee data in Nomadic.

Nomadic understands the value of reporting and the importance of allowing our users to define their reporting needs. Therefore, our reporting system is fully ‘self-service’, and every field in our system is reportable. This allows for fully customizable dashboard reports and detailed data analytics, enabling insight and oversight for your teams.

Fragomen, the world's leading provider of immigration services, provides the most advanced immigration services worldwide. By developing Nomadic, Fragomen has harnessed the power of innovative technology and its expertise in providing the most comprehensive, automated coverage of the business travel process.

Leveraging Fragomen’s extensive legal knowledge and comprehensive understanding of global immigration regulatory legalities and requirements, the intuitive Nomadic platform draws on knowledge data points from more than 170 countries, providing instant, short-term immigration assessment results, thus simplifying travel compliance for the corporate traveler.

Travel Professionals

We provide corporate traveler solutions that keep compliance and a positive experience at the forefront, allowing peace of mind for travel managers and travelers.

Nomadic’s fee structure is transparent. There are no hidden costs, and no complicated or opaque pricing. Wherever we can, we’ll show you the total price before you place an order with us.

We have a dedicated solution to partner with your TMC, meaning that we can integrate immigration compliance assessments into the travel booking workflow, plus seamlessly supporting with visas for ticketed travelers.

Nomadic is an easy, intuitive, and cost-effective way for your travelers to navigate international immigration compliance.

User experience—the ease with which a business traveler navigates the immigration system—is paramount for Fragomen. Nomadic is a significant advancement for the industry as it provides the user with the smoothest, most error-free path through every possible travel arrangement, on the fly.

Business Travelers

Business travelers face a multitude of rules and regulations, with complex policies that vary depending on the precise nature of activities to be conducted. Nomadic maintains the most current information on business travel requirements and provides support for business visa applications across the world. 

International travel requirements are more complex today than ever before. Travelers face delays, missed trips, denial of entry, and are even at risk of serious legal penalties when visa applications and travel authorizations are not processed correctly. Leveraging world class talent and technology, our focus is on providing client driven solutions that keep compliance and a positive traveler experience as the main goals.

Wherever possible, Nomadic aims to utilize automated processes to reduce the risk of human transcription error and accelerate the filing process. As data is fed into the system, it directs employees and HR staff to secure required documents and follow often-labyrinthine regulatory processes in an easy, step-by-step fashion. Certain online applications are filled using Robotic Process Automation, ensuring precise, accelerated processes and complex cases are flagged for expert team review.

The easy-to-use platform and our experienced, customer-oriented staff combine technology and service to meet your needs.  Nomadic’s web portal is the main access point for all Nomadic services where users can run assessments and place orders seamlessly. The mobile app fully replicates the functionality of the web portal.  Users can update their profiles, run assessments, order services, and track applications from their smartphones.

We’re Connected

Nomadic is your single point of entry to business travel expertise, tools, technology, and data.

We’re Innovative

Stay agile, ahead of trends, and help safeguard against compliance uncertainty with secure and easy-to-rollout solutions.

We’re Where You Need Us

Our people have a depth of business travel expertise. Wherever you’re headed, our team is ready to help with all business travel related questions and can file your visa application to get you there.

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Posted Workers

Nomadic can assess whether your trip triggers mandatory notifications under the Posted Workers Directive and submit any mandatory notifications.

Digital Nomads

As more and more employers implement work-from-anywhere policies, Nomadic can help ensure your organization - and your employees - remain compliant with this modern way of working.