Visa Services

Our visa services are backed by proven processes and knowledge from around the globe. You can trust that when you travel with Nomadic, securing your visa will never be easier.

Visa Services
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What makes Nomadic your ideal travel partner?

What makes Nomadic your ideal travel partner?

A truly comprehensive service

Leave all your travel documentation to us. We handle passports, visas, and document services for international travelers of all types.

Streamlined compliance

Quickly understand the immigration risks of your trip, allowing you to stay focused on your plans, business, and travel arrangements.

Secure technology

Keep your identity and important documentation safe and secure with a platform designed to protect your data.

Convenient online ordering

Order any of our services online with our easy-to-use platform.

Global support

Get the support you deserve from a team of specially trained professionals ready to assist you with your international travel needs.

70+ years of combined experience across our teams

We’ve leveraged our vast immigration knowledge to bring you the best possible travel experience.

The basics

Standard Service

What's included:

  • Personalized visa application requirements and instructions
  • Optional additional services, such as form completion and drafting support letters
  • Filing of application and follow-up with consulate or government agency and collection of your passport and visa verification that visa is correctly issued and valid for the duration of your trip

A visa is official permission, granted by a country’s government, allowing a traveler to enter that country. Visas are most frequently stamped directly into a passport on one of the blank visa pages, though in some cases a visa may be issued electronically or as a loose-leaf document.

Whether a visa is required depends on a variety of factors, including the destination country, your citizenship, your purpose of travel and all activities planned during the visit, and how long you plan to stay in the country. The best course of action is to provide these basic details to Nomadic so that a professional visa consultant can evaluate your situation and provide a personalized response. If a visa is required you will receive detailed instructions and requirements; if a visa is not required you will receive information about entry into your destination country.

The processing time for visas can vary a great deal. Some countries offer rush and emergency services, and will issue visas as fast as 24 hours or even same-day. For some countries, or some types of visa, the processing time can be several weeks or even months. How long it will take to get your visa depends on a variety of factors including which country you are going to, your citizenship, and what type of visa is needed. The processing time also depends on whether you already have the necessary supporting materials, such as invitation letters or work permits, or if you need to obtain such documents. The best thing to do is contact Nomadic as soon as travel is planned.

When you provide your travel information to Nomadic you will receive information about the processing options, so that you know how urgently you must begin the application process and can set realistic expectations for when you may be able to travel. It is not recommended to book non-refundable tickets or hotels until all required visas have been issued.

With some few exceptions, you will simply gather and send the application materials to Nomadic and we will handle filing the application and all interactions with the consulate on your behalf. Under some circumstances a consulate may require the traveler to make a personal appearance, and in that case Nomadic will assist with the appointment and will provide detailed instructions. In general, it will not be necessary for the applicant to go anywhere as Nomadic will handle the application process.

Visa requirements vary depending on the destination country, consular jurisdiction and type and duration of visa among other factors. Typically, applicants will be required to submit the original, signed passport, signed visa application form, photos, and supporting materials that substantiate the purpose of journey such as an official invitation, business letter or itinerary. Each consulate has differing requirements and preferences; therefore, Nomadic provides our customers with personalized instructions based on their unique circumstances. This helps to ensure a smooth and successful application process and minimizes delays or issues while the application is under review at the consulate.

You might need multiple visas to travel to multiple countries. With few exceptions, entry requirements are per country. There are regions of the world where countries have entered into mutual agreements recognizing one visa that allows entry into all member countries, but this is not common (the Schengen Area in continental Europe is one example). Even for travel within these regions, the itinerary and travel plans determine which consulate can issue the visa. Therefore, it is important to notify Nomadic of every country that you will visit, (including transit countries), and the purpose of travel to each destination. Nomadic will then provide you with personalized instructions regarding the visas you will require or the entry requirements per destination on your itinerary.

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