The impact of Nomadic technology and experience on visa success rates

Fully understanding clients’ needs and demands is the first step in delivering products and services that can make a real difference for an organisation. Pairing this commitment to partnering with our clients with the knowledge and experience of Nomadic’s technology and global team makes it a truly transformative force in the industry.

by Jen Fackelman, Nomadic Director

This article was written for Business Travel Show Europe 2024 and first appeared here

The Nomadic technology solution was developed by experienced and innovative immigration professionals from Fragomen, the world’s leading provider of immigration services.

It is a streamlined solution that alleviates the challenges associated with organising international trips and securing the necessary travel documentation, while ensuring compliance with travel and immigration regulations.

We deliver pre-trip assessments, online ordering, in-depth reporting, and top industry professionals to provide a seamless and reassuring user experience for the traveller and travel manager.

Nomadic's web portal is the primary access point for all services. Users can seamlessly run assessments and place orders for support for travel documents including visa applications within the system.

Once an order is initiated, the user immediate receives the information required to get started compiling application documents. Upon receipt of a new order, a Nomadic professional personally contacts the traveller with instructions and provides continuous support throughout the process, fielding questions and concerns that could arise along the way. The order status can be tracked in real time using the Portal Application Tracker and clients directly communicate with their assigned Nomadic consultant.

Nomadic continues to support the traveller even after document processing is complete. Traveller profiles are updated with details from the application and the newly issued document, including:

  • Expiry tracking of visas and passports with advance alert notifications;
  • Complete record of documents stored and assessment history;
  • A traveller profile for future applications, reducing time-consuming data entry; and
  • For those requiring robust reporting, Nomadic offers customizable dashboard reports and detailed data analytics, enabling insight and oversight for clients.

It’s a truly end-to-end service that marries the latest technology with Fragomen’s vast global knowledge.

The impact on the industry as it progresses at speed towards increased digitalisation cannot be underestimated.

In one client case study that I am particularly proud of, a modern staffing arrangement required a modern solution.

This client is a global technology company with a fully dispersed, at-home workforce and is passionate about providing opportunities to all staff. They host in-person events several times a year in different locations in Europe, North America and beyond. Many of their staff require visas for this international travel and rejections of visa applications was a cause for concern for an organisation that wanted to offer equal opportunity for networking and development.

This is where Nomadic stepped in.

We are in the Americas, we are in the Middle East, we are in Europe, we are in Asia ... and that’s where our client's people are. We offer a truly global service. Our client receives support from a local subject matter expert who speaks their language, is familiar with their organizational set-up and understands its unique employment arrangements. That expert understands better than anyone the common pitfalls with visa applications in their regions and helps applicants to improve their chances of being successfully issued a visa for travel.

The results since the Nomadic partnership began with this client are notable. As experts in visa applications locally and globally, our team is able to provide world-class advice and solutions on a case-by-case basis.

Visa success rates over the course of the past year have improved by more than 37% and continue to climb - giving our client improved attendance numbers and better global representation at their events.

This is a prime example of a client who is everywhere globally and the successful working relationship demonstrates why it is so crucial that Nomadic is too.

This outcome is not unusual for our clients. Across the board we see an improved overall experience for travellers and travel managers alike, as well as an improved success rate for applications. This is why Nomadic continues to be a transformative force in the industry.

About the author

Nomadic Director Jen Fackelman is a recognized thought-leader in short-term cross-border business travel. An industry innovator, Jen brings extensive experience to the business travel conversation and opens new and exciting debates on topics. She is based in London. Connect with Jen on LinkedIn