Digital Nomad Visa Implemented in South Africa

Effective May 20, 2024, the South African government has implemented a digital nomad visa which allows eligible foreign nationals to work remotely for a foreign company or as a freelancer in South Africa.

The Digital Nomad Visa allows foreign nationals who earn a sufficient minimum income according to government regulations to reside in South Africa and perform work as a freelancer or for an employer outside of South Africa.

Digital Nomad Visa holders conducting work for more than six months within a 36-month period would require the applicant to register with the South African Revenue Services. Applicants whose visa is issued for less than six months can apply for an exemption from registering as a taxpayer. 

The published regulations do not specify the validity period of the Digital Nomad Visa, nor the application processes or processing times – these are expected to be made clear when the official gazette is published in the coming months. 

This alert, for informational purposes only, was prepared by Fragomen and originally published here. If you have any questions, please contact us.