Saudi Arabia: Biometric Data Required for Business Visa Applications in India

Effective immediately, Saudi visa applicants in India must provide their biometric data when applying for a business visa, whereas previously, this was not required.

Applicants must appear in person at a Saudi Visa Center (Tasheer) to register their biometrics; this is also where they will submit their visa application and any supporting documentation. Due to this new requirement, the large volume of applications, and since the visa center only has representations in New Delhi and Mumbai, individuals have no guarantee that they will be able to submit their visa application and have their biometrics registered on the same day.

As a result, applicants should expect delays with obtaining the Saudi visa and with the return of their passport. It is expected that a similar requirement will be introduced for applicants in other countries where the registration of biometric data is currently not mandatory, including those where the visa sticker endorsement is discontinued.

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