Saudi Arabia: Process Changes for Non-Employment Visa Applications in the United Kingdom

Applicants in the United Kingdom seeking to obtain any Saudi visa not related to employment – including business visitor visas or family residency visas – must now appear in person at the new Tasheer Saudi Visa Center, located in London.

Previously, such applicants did not need to physically appear at any application center, and instead could submit their application (and supporting documents) via an authorized visa agent. Furthermore, in addition to standard application documentation (which was previously required), applicants must now also provide biometric data as part of their application. It is not yet clear whether processing timeframes or fees will change. The Saudi consular post remains responsible for final approval, as well as visa issuance and endorsement. These changes in process do not affect work visa applicants, who must apply for their visa through an authorized visa agent and do not need to provide biometric data.

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